designer, joél baang

designer, joél baang

foremost, i thank you, for your interest in my art. 

as an artist i have come to learn that self-expression is innate and that passion is not just a fancy word for 'interest'. i am certain i am a born artist. i was introduced to art at a young age and was encouraged to fuel that interest. finding peace and fulfillment in creativity and design, i often escaped the world through my sketchpad. i can recall at times not knowing what i wanted to sketch, but, feeling compelled to do so. i would sit there, pencil in hand, until i was moved to retrospect those were moments that i allowed myself to be completely available to the universe, to listen and follow what i felt. 

evolving into a fashion designer has been in progress since my early twenties. i filled my social realms with fashion-focused people as i began searching for my artistic identity.  self-proclaimed wardrobe stylist, hosting fashion events, runway styling, i just jumped in, trusting that my art would carry me. 

ecru was a small seed planted in about summer 2013, a period of my life in which i began to settle into myself. phasing out the fitted shirts and blazers to  soft and easy wardrobe staples of universal tones and comfortable to wear. inspired to create by the unavailability of the styles i desired to wear i reached for the place where i knew best, where i knew i could be myself and express just that, my art. here is where my design journey came to a place of certainty and i knew it was time to respond. 

i am humbled to be able to share this simple expression of my gratitude and hope to make just one stitch in the fabric of the industry...